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  • Ed MacSmith

Live like a dog.

Dogs are amazing, all animals are really, but in my biased opinion my dog Cinnamon is the best.

Cinnamon is a five year old brindle French Bulldog with a thirst for life. She loves grass, dirt, snuggles, belly rubs, pizza, balls, squirrels, naps and so much more.

As a spoiled French Bulldog in NYC Cinnamon loves almost every moment of her life. She constantly seeks pleasure and if she is doing something that ceases to bring her pleasure she ceases doing it. Immediately. Not a second of her life is spend doing something that doesn't bring her pleasure of some sort. This is prioritization at its highest form. More humans should chase what gives them real pleasure.

Cinnamon is the most open animal I have ever met. She doesn't care who you are, where you are from or where you are going she treats everyone the same. She greets everyone with a huge smile, bright eyes and an open mind. More humans should be as open to others as Cinnamon is.

Cinnamon makes those around her feel valued and loved. The excitement she greets me with each day after work is incredible. In the morning when she knows I am leaving for work she sits on me in an attempt to stop me from leaving. Her feelings are always known, she wears no masks. More humans should be open to all other humans.

Lastly being a responsible dog parent you have to pick up after your dog. This reminds me that sometimes you have to pick up shit, even if the shit was not of your making.

Thanks for these life lessons Cinnamon, now lets go to the park to have fun and make friends.

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